Our statement of purpose and guiding principles

We want to do good work for good clients, who stay with us for the journey.

We believe that this is supported by our guiding principles:

  • The provision of technically sound legal advice and documents, tailored for your particular circumstances.

  • Accessible legal advice. We will explain legal concepts and legal points of distinction in a manner that can be readily understood by you.

  • A high level of service, delivered in a timely manner and a personable way.

  • No billing surprises.

  • An upfront discussion of billing options. If we can do the work, or at least the first stage of it, for a fixed fee we will give you that option.

  • User-friendly documents. If we are preparing a document for repeat use in your business, it will be able to be readily understood and commercially balanced.

  • Consideration of you and your business, not just for the current matter but having regard to the medium and long term. We will flag issues for you to think about in terms of the protection of you and your business.

We would love to help

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